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About BNI Colosseum

This App will help the BNI Members of Ahmedabad, Vadodara & Surat connect with each other, schedule the meeting during the conclave, register themselves to participate in the Talks and also to know about the stalls and register for the Awards night.

BNI Colosseum is an Annual Networking Event of BNI Members from all the chapters in Ahmedabad. This time chapters from Vadodara & Surat are joining for the 1-2-1 Conclave where the participants will meet each other, understand each other's businesses and pass on referral from their contact sphere. This is one of a kind of event where the focus is on the growth of others business by the Givers Gain philosophy.

It is an Annual Business Conclave of BNI Ahmedabad with Awards Night at 3rd & 4th March, 2018 for the best performers of BNI Ahmedabad.

We have covered activities are Business Meetings, Talks by leading speakers, Exhibition Stalls and Awards in this Event.

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