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With a complete suite of integrated applications for pre-construction, project management, job cost, accounting and HR - all built on the award winning Microsoft .Net Framework using the SQL Server, we have solutions to the problems you face. In order to maintain position within such a competitive and rapidly expanding market the Builder / construction industry increasingly turns to Information Technology to give them the competitive edge.

Inustry Challenges

  • Cost and Revenue Projection
  • Need better Line of sight for Managing subcontractors.
  • Avoid unapproved change orders
  • Need up to the minute information for managers on job progress
  • Resource Planning
  • Ability to spot potential overruns
  • Provision of insight and predictability for available data
  • Scale the domain expertise pool available.


AMBIS extensive experience with leading Builder / Construction Industries and their various branches across has helped it develop in-depth domain expertise across all units.

Our capabilities span all areas effecting to business process by making it automated process with integrated modules such as Pre construction, Project Management, Cost Module, Budget Management, Raw Materials Planning, Store Management, Resource Management, Device Integration, Performance Monitoring, Quality Checking, Quality Assurance, Resource Planning, Time Management, Invoicing, Accounting, Finance, Other Value Added Services and Data Export to Parent Company

Our services span the entire lifecycle integrated solution with Smart Card, and Mobile App Modules.

Tracking expenses v/s revenue is essential where job costs are fed by sub ledgers such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, Inventory and Equipment Management modules which send data for all financial information related to a project including labor, materials and overhead costs.

With the Subcontract Management module, payments cannot be entered if they exceed the revised subcontract amount. Also, retentions are calculated by the percentage set-up in each subcontract.

Change orders entered once automatically update the subcontract amount and the revised estimate or committed cost in the Job Cost module.

Flexible forecasting system provides instant feedback on projected quantities, hours and costs.

Solution provides industry-standard progress billings and flexible T & M formats in our Job Billing module to make billing a sane-step process.