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Sarak is the downfall of the word Shravak. Adiadev, Dharmadev etc are the goddess Tirthankaras whose goddess is Goddess. If you are to see it, then the original Jain, Sarak - Shravak is a brother. For more than 1000 years, Karun has been away from Jainism due to the lack of Yoga-Contact of Sadhu-Sadhvi Bhagwantra.


We have used core PHP for develop website, web application and Web services for mobile application. Also, we have added SSL certificates and used checksum for database security. We have used android studio for android app, XBOX for IOS application and use.

Our Experience

We have developer complete applications website, web application and mobile application in 3 platforms Android, IOS and Windows as per provided client timeline within 15 days with SMS, Email and payment gateway integration. It was very great and achievable experience.